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Hi, I'm Andy! I'm a nomad explorer. 

I live on couches, tents, and hotels wherever my heart takes me.

After graduating The Ohio State University in 2014, I set off on the adventure of a lifetime. I have a deep love for technology, art, and connection, so it's no surprise I fell in love with Snapchat. 

Whether it's producing funny sketches, vlogging about my life & travels, sharing my ridiculous thoughts, talking art and culture, or sharing social media & online business tips, I seek to provide love, knowledge, and entertainment to the masses every day.

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IG: @DreamCartel & @ProdigyQuotes

If you found my Snapchat here, send me a snap with your ugliest selfie and the caption #UglySelfieContest... You don't even stand a chance.

#Entrepreneurship #Marketing #Social Media #Storyteller #Blogger #Travel

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