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Dennis Ray Taylor is the founder of Taylor Media Company and the Freedom Warriors. He's a content junkie, online marketer, thought leader, and host of the Daily Coach T Show. Two years ago he was a broke high school teacher from Texas with a dream of financial freedom. 

In 2015 his first full year in business his companies generated over 500K in revenue. Since retiring from teaching high school in December of 2015, he has shifted his businesses to focus on teaching and training beginning online marketers how to expand their businesses using social media and branding. 

Dennis Ray Taylor's Snapchat username is @dennistaylor

Snapchat Content Daily About: As an entrepreneur storyteller, Dennis drives his daily Snaps about what it takes to make it as an online marketer and entrepreneur. The journey is the vision and Snapchat captures it perfectly. He teaches on his Snaps to fall in love with the process not the results. He covers everything around: blogging, branding, mindset, personal development, online marketing, social media marketing, healthy living, growthhacking, and so much more. Dennis shares his journey from a broke high school teacher on his way to 7 figure annual earner from a iPhone and a laptop.

Cameo Appearances: You will see special guest appearances on Dennis' Snaps from his beautiful wife Bianca, 2 year old lady killer son Denny Ray, and little angel 2 month old Liliana Rose.

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