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Entrepreneur in the Recruitment and Technology sectors. Loves a Start Up and helping others. Big on values and good times! Built two businesses organically with excess of 15m turnover and is now CEO of the Eximius Group.

Specialist Areas: Law, Financial Services, Technology and Recruitment News / Tech / Hacks / Tips.

Weekly Q&A's: Ask him anything and we mean anything! Always delivers funny response and really deep insights in the world of really scaling a business. You are in the trenches with him.

If you have a question around growing your business, mistakes the big boys make or anything around any of any of the sectors mentioned above then please give him a snap! #GoGoGo #GrowthMode #LeadershipCommunity

(Also has the poshest voice in all of Snapland) :)

Nick Harrington's Snapchat username is @recruitmentceo.

#Entrepreneurship #Startups #Venture capital #Recruitment #Storyteller #Marketing

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