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My name's Nicole & saraswati is the name of a Hindu goddess. She is associated with the arts, ultimate knowledge & justice - all things I am passionate about. I have first encountered her on a painting in Bali & have been using her name on the internet since I was 17. By birth year is 1981, hence saraswati81. I have had issues with stalkers in the past, which is why I am careful disclosing my full name.

My snaps are pretty random in frequency, length, quality & content. A bit how my own life is. I have far too many interests & talents to narrowly focus on one thing. I will however say that I have studied psychology, anthropology & sociology & am a survivor of narcissists. I'm passionate about issues surrounding mental health & anything that makes the world a better place. I'm genuine, so this is also a trait I highly appreciate in others.

Mostly, I am trying to get out of a life in a shelter & many injustices, so Snapchat is just a bit of an outlet.


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