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Sandra and her daughters run a benefit corporation called Say it International. Providing both products and services that teach people to be positive, stay positive and spread positive in their life and in their business.

They are on a mission daily to cause positive disruptions by sprinkling a little positivity and teaching others to do the same. They are making the world brighter one snap at a time with their worldwide movement which began on Snapchat called #Snapitforward

Join the movement today!  Visit: Snapitforward.com and take the pledge.

1. Do something kind, in the name of social good (Pay it forward)

2. Capture it and tell us about it on snapchat

3. Use out trademark hashtag #SNAPITFORWARD and add it into your snapstory and other social media!

Sandra Centorino is a Snapchat Inspirator and Positivity Practitioner.

Sandra snaps everything off the cuff and unplanned. Her theme is  100% fun. She tells stories and has a ton of  energy.  She is highly creative and will be sure to make you laugh. Beware of her bad Boston accent and sometimes potty mouth.

Her Mantra is: "You never know how or when you might touch another life".

#Snapchat #Marketing #Social Media #Entrepreneurship #Storyteller

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